Our Technology

Our state-of-the-art technology makes you feel confident and safe every day when wearing your FibraMask®. We sourced multiple layers of scientifically tested and certified materials to create a unique product that protects you and your family.

Our German-Portuguese team, through a long process of prototyping and testing with real people, was able to design a product that we think changes the way we think of face masks.

Here’s why.

Copper-Infused Antimicrobial Cotton

The inner layer of FibraMask® consists of the revolutionary copper-infused cotton that can significantly reduce the spread of infectious diseases. Recent research has shown that copper is particularly capable at halting the reproduction of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Among others, the University of Massachusetts said that a reusable copper-based mask “inactivates coronavirus and almost all other respiratory viruses on contact”.

Fast-Drying, Breathable, Filtering

The middle layer is made of polyurethane (PU), a high-resilience, microcellular foam. The PU dries very quickly and makes the masks highly breathable and pleasant to wear day-to-day. The foam also filters out some air particles like dust, while not impacting the way you breathe.

Water-repellent and UV-resistant

The most outer layer of FibraMask® is made of synthetic fibers which keep you safe from some of the infectious agents you could otherwise absorb. We have also added UV protection for those hot summer days!

Bac-Pure® Antimicrobial Technology

All our masks are additionally protected with Bac-Pure® Antimicrobial Technology. It offers you a high-performance sustainable and durable protection against bacteria, fungus and mould. It also prevents material degradation, cross-contamination and eliminates unpleasant smells from transpiration.