For Your Business

At FibraMask, we are proud to support local businesses everywhere. Protect your employees and your customers by making FibraMask available to your business. With new government guidelines being introduced that make face masks essential to wear, it becomes essential to protect your business and your customers.

Most orders can be fulfilled on the next business day and include free UPS Express shipping. Orders of 100+ masks, depending on quantity, sizing and colors, may require additional lead time of 3-6 weeks.

Pricing Overview

Kindly find below the discount and unit price for every price bracket.

Quantity Discount Unit Price
10+ masks 5% 12.35 EUR
25+ masks 10% 11.70 EUR
50+ masks 15% 11.05 EUR
100+ masks 20% 10.40 EUR
250+ masks 25% 9.75 EUR
500+ masks 30% 9.10 EUR

Custom Logo & FibraMask

For businesses that prefer a more custom look, we can place your logo alongside ours. The lead time depends on the order number and is anywhere between 2-6 weeks.

The minimum order for co-branding is 25 masks. At FibraMask, we are proud to provide this service at cost to you. Every co-branded order costs 25 EUR per order + 0.25 EUR per mask.

Example Pricing

Quantity Unit Price Setup Logo Placement Total
25 masks 12.35 EUR 25 EUR 0.25 EUR / mask 340 EUR
100 masks 10.40 EUR 25 EUR 0.25 EUR / mask 1,090 EUR
500 masks 9.10 EUR 25 EUR 0.25 EUR / mask 4,700 EUR

As we step into this “new normal”, may it be dealing with suppliers, warehouses or walk-in retail customers, FibraMask can help you and your customers feel safe.

All business orders include free shipping with UPS Express.

To place an order or to request more information contact us here.